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This webinar hosted in July 2020 featured three leading minds in value stream management. Watch Todd Tucker, Chris Ruch, and Richard Knaster share valuable insight into optimizing your organizations value streams. Claim your free download below

Value stream management is key to business agility

Take charge of your agile transformation by further defining value streams. This webinar offers insight from experts in agility. That's why Agile Rising is working with Tasktop to help you further visualize value streams. 

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Chris Ruch

Is an SPCT and president of Agile Rising. He has been involved in multiple successful SAFe® implementations. 


Richard Knaster

Is a SAFe® fellow and expert in business agility. In the webinar he provides insight into VSM from a SAFe perspective.


Todd Tucker

Is the VP of Standards, Research, and Education at the TBM council. He is an author and expert in business management. 

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