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This Agile Rising webinar, co-hosted with Scaled Agile, is an excellent introduction to the SAFe® Learner Subscription. The SAFe Learner Subscription (SLS) is an excellent tool that helps organizations quickly scale agility. Find out more about the SLS below! 

The SAFe Learner Subscription

Helps enable enterprise agility by providing valuable education to users. Looking for more training on your SAFe journey? Agile Rising is a SPCT Gold Partner, offering a tailored path to agility for our clients. We enable enterprise level organizations with SAFe and more.


Joe LaTorre

Is a Senior Agile Transformation Coach at Agile Rising. 


Jim Fowler

Is a Principal Consultant at Agile Rising. 


Andy Carlson

Is the director of regional sales at Scaled Agile Inc. 

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Agile Rising is committed to providing you the tools you need to implement agility.