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Agile Rising provides our clients with highly-experienced, world-class enterprise transformation consultants. We have some of the most experienced Agile Coaches in the world—including SAFe Follows and SPCTs. We help create a strategy for your organization and provide the coaching needed to jump-start your transformation. We are  uniquely suited to be your transformation partner with:

  • SAFe SPCT Gold Partner — the only partner level with validated successful SAFe Transformations across multiple organizations.
  • Experience across a broad range of industries, including financial services, retail, high-tech, manufacturing, highly-regulated environments. From Uber and Daimler’s self-driving vehicle programs to NASA, we have helped some of the most complex organization’s optimize their processes.
  • Experience working with hardware, software, and business organizations.

Agile Rising is Speaking at the Summit!

Engaging Product Marketing to Drive Business Agility

This talk covers the ongoing agile transformation at Emerson, with an emphasis on the challenges and impact felt outside of the technology organization and how SAFe provided the framework to solve them. Learn how Emerson engaged Marketing in the transformation to drive business agility. 

Navigating the Tornado With Your SAFe Implementation

This session presents practices for apply SAFe and Lean-Agile to hardware systems. We'll share real-world experiences from Wi-Tronix, a leading innovator in real-time monitoring for rail and the technical and mindset changes it took within the hardware organization 


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